Our vision for the future

In asking for a new mandate of government, the NPP is offering to lead this nation into THE NEXT PHASE OF POSITIVE CHANGE. Our programme is designed to achieve a radical acceleration of Ghana’s capacity to create wealth, and thereby to supply the means for a much higher standard of welfare for everybody. And the key to success in this enterprise is MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT. We need an army of skilled people to build the new Ghana.

1. A knowledge-based economy is the pattern of the future, the condition for survival in the globalising economy of the twenty-first century. The NPP has accordingly developed plans for the most far-reaching reforms in the quality and availability of educational opportunities for all Ghanaians. The creation of a superior human resource base is at the heart of the new strategy of national development which the NPP is offering to Ghana.

2. Another key feature of the new strategy will be micro-economic interventions for facilitating private sector operations, including modernized farming and fisheries, to lead the nation into unprecedented engagement in wealth creation. The desired result will be achieved through focusing business interventions on the growth areas of ICT applications, agro-processing, other value-addition ventures and tourism. The goal is accelerated economic growth which should lead to accelerated improvement in the living conditions of the people of Ghana.

3. Wealth creation of the magnitude aimed at will be more easily achieved in a nation of healthy workers who are well motivated to give of their best in production and service activities. A more humane health delivery system will be provided through effective implementation and Geographical spread of the National Health Insurance Scheme. The NPP Government will also involve the leadership of both the Employers and the Workers to explore and exploit ways of motivating workers and improving their working skills through appropriate training and retraining programmes.

4. Women and Children have been traditionally handicapped over the years. The NPP government will continue to pursue with greater vigour its interventions for empowering women technically and financially to play more active roles in the nation’s wealth creation programmes, in education, and in other social and political fields.

5. We must address a special message to the youth of Ghana. Until the year 2001, many of you had never experienced any style of life and politics except that which had been spawned by revolutionary upheaval, characterised by fear and violence, and resulting in those bleak perspectives of the life that you could see ahead of you. Many of your contemporaries voted with their feet to seek a brighter future outside Ghana.

6. Far too many young Ghanaians still remain outside the country, and indeed we feel the pressure of yet more Ghanaian youth struggling even today to go abroad in order to better themselves. But now all of you have seen that there can be, right here at home, a different life and a more hopeful future, thanks to the accession of more humane politics, and skilled democratic leadership, under the NPP.

7. The material aspects of NPP governance that are of particular interest to you the youth, especially the creation of more opportunities for gainful employment, are beginning to show significant results, for instance in fields such as farming and forestry. The focal point of this next phase of our Party’s national development strategy, to build a knowledge-based economy, is centred entirely upon your ability to absorb the skills and know-how of modern technology. That is why government is making such radical proposals for the expansion of technical and vocational education, and for a national system of structured apprenticeship training, for all young people.

8. We call on you the youth of Ghana to vote for your own future, to give the NPP the power to build for your generation a life as good as can be found anywhere in the world.

9. Finally, to all you good people of Ghana we repeat the call to peace, reconciliation and unity. The NPP government set up the National Reconciliation Commission so that, by confronting the painful truths about the hurts and injustices of the years of political upheaval and lawlessness, this nation will forgive and be reconciled.

10. Election 2008 is about the future, and not the past. The new vistas into a prosperous, knowledge-based economy which we seek your mandate to build in this NEXT PHASE OF POSITIVE CHANGE can only be attained if we all pull together to maintain Ghana’s growing image as an oasis of peace and tranquility, a safe Gateway into this ECOWAS region of Africa. The energies and aspirations of all of you good people are running strong towards that new Ghana.

The NPP will lead you to that promised land!

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