H.E. Atta Mills' Routine Medical Check-Up – Hon. Osei Mensah
  The ruling National Democratic Congress needs to focus on the upgrading of Ghanaian major hospitals.

The government needs to focus on the upgrading of Ghanaian major hospitals.

It is normal that a sitting President of Ghana needs to move in special convoys for security reasons. It is also acceptable that, same President lives in special homes for security, protocol and official reasons. There are numerous living conditions for a President that I find acceptable but there is this one that I found very difficult to swallow.

I want to express my disappointment at seeing the late Prof. Atta Mills who was at the helm of affairs from January 1997 to January 2001 as Vice-President (four years) and the Executive President of Ghana from January 2009 to July 2012, fly to the United States of America not because of an inability to treat his illness in Ghana but for a routine medical check up. Should I call it an excessive luxury or a neccessity?

Ghana is 55years of independence and the late President Mills has had a fair share of governance which should have made him to at least, influence improvement of one of our numerous major hospitals to enable it carry out known medical check-ups including the one that made him cross the ocean.

Well, the adage says » wo were firi na wosan kofa aa, yenkyiri » literally meaning that, it is never too late to do the right thing.

I want to say it clearly that if the ordinary Ghanaian cannot also afford to fly to the United States of America for his routine medical check-up, then our national health apparatus will be escaping its primary vocation because that is the example which was shown by the first patriot and leader of the nation.

We are in 2012 and President Mills USA routine medical check-up and sudden death should bring awareness to government.

The President's health is a public issue. The question is, did the President get enough time to do his check-up in the United States of America? What was the true result of the check-up? Could he follow requisite prescriptions by his doctors in the USA?

Ghanaian Doctors are known for competence. The government has to make urgent efforts to upgrade our major hospitals to enable Presidents and leaders also to do their routine Medical Check-Ups in Ghana. That will be our national pride. These same medical institutions will serve other Ghanaians for same medical check-ups. I would cherish a promise for this provision.

A quality routine medical check-up in Ghana, is a minimum right for all Ghanaians including Presidents.

We are all affected by President Mills death. May God keep his soul and grant him mercy. RIP!! Mr. President.

Hon. Osei Mensah Michael.

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